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Bell-Ringing Guidelines

Thank-you for your willingness to “stand kettle,” or ring bells, for the Salvation Army.  This is an extremely important fund-raiser and friend-raiser. You can take great pride in knowing that you are helping to raise money to help the less fortunate.

We have been invited to ring at the entrance(s) of the retailer to which you are assigned. In every way, we are greeting their customers as well as our potential donors. We are always very sensitive to the privilege we have been given to ring at a specific location. Please comply with any requests made by store management and also, at any opportunity express your appreciation to them for the privilege to ring there.

Please keep in mind that we are all in learning curve this year. This is the largest volunteer effort the Army has ever had in regards to our bell-ringers. We will appreciate your feedback throughout the season on how you feel things are going, suggestions to consider for next year, whatever.

We’re all in this together… creating the foundation for a new tradition for monumental significance. Thank you.

Please review these guidelines prepared for you by the Salvation Army:

1.  Please arrive promptly for your shift. Our Real Estate Wednesday volunteers are scheduled to ring 10a-6:30p. The Salvation Army has many locations on the route for pick-up and delivery of kettles and supplies. You may encounter a few different scenarios upon arrival at your store:

-An Army rep with kettle stand, kettle, apron and bells in place.

-A stand “tucked away” near the entrance to one of the doors with supplies in a box at the Customer Service Desk. Please move to the stand outside and off to the side of the entrance to avoid disrupting a traffic flow. The signage recognizing your company should be attached to the stand. Contact information for the Army will be attached to the outside of the kettle.

-If the stand is tucked away and there are no supplies at Customer Service, just bear with us and know that a grateful Army representative is on the way!

2. Please allow a 15-minute leeway on either end of the schedule and know we are doing our best to reach you right on time. Army representatives will be clearly identified. Evening pick-ups may begin as early as 5:30, depending on where your location falls on the route.

3. Volunteer aprons will be provided will be provided. You are welcome to wear logo’d clothing that identifies your company and we will provide signage with your logo as well. To assure uniformity in recognition and stay in compliance with our store agreements, we must limit your signage recognition to the piece we prepare that will be displayed on the kettle stand.

4. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Unless you must sit down,  it is far more effective to stand as your ring you are absolutely welcome to wear Santa hats, antler, whatever. Handing out candy canes is fine!

5. If asked or you simple care to share, let people know their donation will go toward food, shelter, hope and more to those who are in need. All donations will stay in the community where they are received.

6. Singing or playing a musical instrument always adds a festive touch and people really enjoy it! If it ties into what you team has agreed upon for bell-ringers, feel free to bring children and even a well-behaved dog! Be careful not to overwhelm with too many ringers at one time. Save room for people to approach without feeling intimidated.

7. Please, never leave a kettle unattended.

8. Never ask people for money or make them feel guilty if they don’t make a donation. Rather, greet everyone with a cheery welcome or “Merry Christmas” and, if they make a donation, acknowledge their generosity.

9. Please no smoking, texting, eating or talking on the phone. Most all locations have two volunteers assigned so there will be opportunities to take a break.

10. Most importantly, have fun! And know how very much your support is valued and appreciated. There are no words to express our gratitude. Thank you.

Donations raised through the red kettles support Salvation Army programs throughout the year transforming lives and giving hope. These programs address homelessness, emergency assistance (rent, utilities, food), domestic violence shelters, disaster relief,
Disaster Relief - Emergency Assistance - Rehabilitation
substance abuse recovery, low-income senior housing, human trafficking abolition, military assistance, holiday dinners, educational programs/tutoring for youth and adults, sports programs and more. Donations stay within the community received.
Homelessness - Domestic Violence - Youth Education