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Brands are trusted. Brands make buyer decisions easier. Being a brand makes everything flow. But how do you become a brand? How do you brand your business? The answer to this question can be quite expensive. You can spend money on direct mail, glossy magazine ads, E-Flyers, billboards, and the list goes on. Over time, this works if you have the money. Perhaps a better question is – how do you brand your business without  [ Read More ]

About The Salvation Army Disaster Services The Salvation Army is uniquely positioned to serve those impacted by the storm, however long it takes, because they are there before, during, during, and after impact.   The Salvation Army: Serves every zip code in the United States and touches almost 25 million lives a year. Has served survivors of every major national disaster since 1900. Remains in communities until needs are met and beyond. In total, over  [ Read More ]

  If I heard this question once, I must have heard it a thousand times. We were at the National Association of REALTORS Convention last November in Orlando. I was working the aisles in front of the Real Estate for Rehabilitation booth and like Groundhog Day, the scene repeated over and over. Here comes three ladies.  I wave a blue Tiffany box and say “Drop your business card in the bowl for the Tiffany drawing.”  [ Read More ]

When we speak to people about “The Salvation Army” and all the wonderful work they do for society a common response will be “I didn’t know that!”  I found myself saying that same thing a short time ago as I was listening to JoAnn Callaway talk about them.  I’ve always known the Army was there ringing the bells throughout the holidays and “Real Estate Wednesdays” was created to help but now I know they do  [ Read More ]

This week marked the official start of spring and with that comes spring cleaning for some people.  Our staff, friends, and family are no different and were busily going through their homes looking for things they no longer wanted or needed. Those Callaways have worked very hard for a long time promoting the good work of the Salvation Army throughout the country.  This charity has a world class drug and alcohol treatment center right here  [ Read More ]

  Last weekend was a working weekend for Joseph and JoAnn Callaway.  Sunday they  headed to Las Vegas.  To tell you that Joseph and JoAnn are passionate about their volunteer work with the Salvation Army is definitely an understatement so they never miss an opportunity to speak about the wonderful job the Army does. This was going to be a chance to talk to 150 Representatives from Fidelity international Home Warranty who were in Vegas  [ Read More ]

Our fourth year standing kettle for The Salvation Army has been just as fulfilling and exciting as last year and those that came before. Support of faithful friends and family members has meant the world! More families than ever before will be helped by The Salvation Army this year thanks to kettle donations. The Home Ownership Industry is an amazing force of strong-willed and incredibly giving people! We thank you all! In appreciation of all  [ Read More ]

  The stories are the best! One of our favorite parts of ringing the bells for Real Estate Wednesdays is hearing all the wonderful experiences people have had with The Salvation Army. One of Those Callaways wonderful bell-ringers, Kathy, met an amazing couple with a great story to share. “Pete, and his bride of 67 years, Viginia, visited my kettle… and this is their story.”   “I’m 88. I was born in 1928 but, during the  [ Read More ]

JoAnn found this wonderful blog post from 2014.  Still just as true today.     Happy Christmas in July!!  Christmas is already being discussed and planned for in Corps across the country.  There is a lot of preparation and planning that goes into the many programs The Salvation Army offers during the holidays.  There is Angel Tree, Food Drives, Toy Shops and, of course, The Red Kettle Campaign.  There is something about hearing the bells  [ Read More ]

Our third year standing kettle for The Salvation Army has been another wonderful success. New friends, family members and coworkers joined us to help ring the bells. The amazing effort put forth this year could not have been done without the support of all the members of our Home Ownership Industry. We are so proud to be part of such an amazing group of people. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! In appreciation of all  [ Read More ]

Donations raised through the red kettles support Salvation Army programs throughout the year transforming lives and giving hope. These programs address homelessness, emergency assistance (rent, utilities, food), domestic violence shelters, disaster relief,
Disaster Relief - Emergency Assistance - Rehabilitation
substance abuse recovery, low-income senior housing, human trafficking abolition, military assistance, holiday dinners, educational programs/tutoring for youth and adults, sports programs and more. Donations stay within the community received.
Homelessness - Domestic Violence - Youth Education