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There are still some zip codes and kettles available!   Click REW Available Locations as of 10-7-15 to see locations by area of the valley. Click REW Available Kettles as of 10-7-15 to see the number of kettles by zip code.  

9-30-2015   Joseph and JoAnn Callaway address the Southeast Command for The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers.  In attendance were 68 Senior Officers led by Lt. Colonel Mark Bell and his wife Alice.  Also in attendance were Robert Stutts, Director of Development with ARC Command and Jon Lee with The Richards Group Advertising Agency.  It was an exciting meeting with discussions of Real Estate for Rehabilitation and what it can mean to the ARC’s in the Southeast.  [ Read More ]

Thank you to all who helped make a huge difference for The Salvation Army. The donations collected during 2014 Real Estate Wednesdays will go a long way toward doing the most good. The effort to expand Real Estate Wednesdays nationally led to a job well done from pilot programs in Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Tucson, Prescott and Flagstaff.  As you interact with agents around the country, help spread the word!  There is nothing like hearing good news  [ Read More ]

Our second year standing kettle for The Salvation Army has been an amazing experience and a brilliant success. We absolutely could not have done it without the support of all the members of our Home Ownership Industry. We are so proud to be part of such an amazing group of people. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!   Click the ad below and then zoom in to find you and your colleagues’ names!   The  [ Read More ]

Ben Aaron Throws A Gigantic Dance Party In The Street…For The Holidays!

“The Sibbach Team is back out ringing bells for the Salvation Army once again for Real Estate Wednesdays. So it turns out that last year Old Republic Title beat JoAnn Callaway’s kettle…oh thank you, thank you very much…Old Republic beat JoAnn Callaway by one dollar. So I thought this year that you and I could help the people come up with the six most enticing ways to get people to give to the Red Kettles for the  [ Read More ]

Those Callaways present the first Real Estate Wednesday of 2014, ringing the bell for The Salvation Army and invite the entire real estate community to get involved! Go to to find out more. “Oh the favorite part is ringing the bell. We have such a good time!” – JoAnn Callaway | Catherine Reagor | December 12, 2014   SPECIAL FEATURE: Each weekday afternoon, look for “Reagor on Real Estate” — the one bit of Arizona real-estate news you need to know for the day.         Popular Valley real estate agents and best-selling authors JoAnn and Joseph Callaway can be found ringing bells next to red Salvation Army kettles on Wednesdays in December. The Callaways, known as “Those Callaways,” so far have  [ Read More ]

~ When the Yarnell Hill Fire claimed the lives of nineteen firefighters, the Prescott Salvation Army was there serving 11,000 meals to people until over two weeks after the fire. They also provided social service intake for families affected by the fire and provided for the immediate needs and offered spiritual support to the Prescott community. ~ The Salvation Army was the inspiration behind the popular holiday song, “Silver Bells.” Those silver bells referenced are Salvation  [ Read More ]

Donations raised through the red kettles support Salvation Army programs throughout the year transforming lives and giving hope. These programs address homelessness, emergency assistance (rent, utilities, food), domestic violence shelters, disaster relief,
Disaster Relief - Emergency Assistance - Rehabilitation
substance abuse recovery, low-income senior housing, human trafficking abolition, military assistance, holiday dinners, educational programs/tutoring for youth and adults, sports programs and more. Donations stay within the community received.
Homelessness - Domestic Violence - Youth Education