Real Estate for Rehabilitation
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Last weekend was a working weekend for Joseph and JoAnn Callaway.  Sunday they  headed to Las Vegas.  To tell you that Joseph and JoAnn are passionate about their volunteer work with the Salvation Army is definitely an understatement so they never miss an opportunity to speak about the wonderful job the Army does. This was going to be a chance to talk to 150 Representatives from Fidelity international Home Warranty who were in Vegas for a meeting so the Callaways headed north.  In Arizona, all roads go through Kingman and it is always a great place to stop.  When they got there they pulled in to the Cracker Barrel Restaurant and Country Store. They were greeted by a lovely young lady who said there would be a little wait so they chose to relax in the rockers on the front porch.  Not long after they sat down they heard “Those Callaways” coming from a lady walking up towards them. Now, JoAnn and Joseph live and work in Scottsdale.  Often they will shop at the local Costco and be greeted by past or current clients who really have become friends through the years.  But for this to happen so far away was unusual.   It was Angie, a long time client with her 4 girlfriends. They were headed to Las Vegas to see Bruno Mars.  They chatted for a minute, and then their name was called.  Over the meal Joseph speculated that a good marketing method would be to come up to Kingman on the weekends and sit on the porch.

Joseph and JoAnn had a very successful presentation then headed home on Monday only to be greeted  by long and arduous road work delaying traffic starting just outside of Hoover Dam.   By this time it was late and they decided that Kingman was again the place to stop.  When they finally got there they checked in to a lovely hotel called “Spring Hill Suites by Marriott”.  What is informative about this is the high tech way they found the place.   They called their daughter and she did all the searching on Yelp to find the #1 rated hotel in Kingman, texted the address, and GPS got them there.

That is better living through technology but it still takes the kids to figure it out!


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