Real Estate for Rehabilitation




OVERVIEW:   The Salvation Army has provided the real estate industry with a unique opportunity to become a partner in their efforts on behalf of the needy in our communities.  Real Estate Wednesdays is an opportunity for a broker, agent, title company, mortgage broker, mortgage company, insurance company, or any firm associated with the home ownership industry, to participate in ringing the bells for The Salvation Army during the holiday season.


This is a great way for our industry to give back to our communities.  It is an opportunity to adopt a kettle (or kettles) and brand it (them) to your company.  It will facilitate client engagement and result in a mutually positive involvement with the communities in which we live.  It will be a great way for your firm to bond and work together for the common good.  Real Estate Wednesdays is a great team-building opportunity and a significant way for your team to embrace the spirit of the season.  It may well become a meaningful tradition to celebrate the holidays.


Most importantly, our efforts will provide funding for the many programs that are so vitally important for the less-fortunate in our area.  Currently, most bell-ringers are paid, temporary employees of The Salvation Army.   However, historically, volunteers have raised much more money than paid workers.  If we can replace paid bell-ringers with the professionalism of volunteers from the homeownership industry, the additional revenues and cost savings will be off the charts.  Funds raised during the red kettle campaign provide the majority of funding for so many critical social services of the Army and 100% of the money stays in the community in which it was donated.

 Among many others, these programs include:

        Heat relief services                                         Emergency disaster services

        Holiday programs for the needy                   Domestic violence centers

        Family crisis centers                                       Emergency assistance programs

        Project HOPE (homeless outreach)              Children’s programs

        Transitional housing programs                    Senior programs

        Adult drug & alcohol rehabilitation             Kroc Center for the low income


These are just a few of the programs that will benefit from your firm’s participation in Real Estate Wednesdays.



  • COMMITMENT.  Your firm adopts a location or locations, in an area of your choice, to ring bells for The Salvation Army on the four Wednesdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • HOURS.  We ring from 11AM to 7PM on all Wednesdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • NUMBER OF DOORS (KETTLES).  Your firm must decide the number of doors (kettles) for which their firm would be able to provide bell-ringing volunteers.  Many stores have two doors and it would be ideal for one firm to take ownership of the store by ringing at both doors.
  • SALVATION ARMY COORDINATOR.  A Salvation Army Coordinator is essential for success.  In a single corps area, this can be an officer or staff member.  In multi-corps areas, a coordinator should be an Advisory Board member or other dedicated volunteer familiar with the red kettle campaign.  The Salvation Army Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of scheduling and logistics for the event and the communications between the captains and the corps.
  • CAPTAIN SELECTION.  Your firm assigns a captain to work with The Salvation Army Coordinator responsible for coordination and the logistics of the event.
  • CAPTAIN’S DUTIES.  Your captain will be responsible for the recruitment, scheduling, and communication with your individual volunteers and The Salvation Army Coordinator.  Your captain may assign someone in the firm to assist in recruiting, scheduling and communication, both within your firm and with The Salvation Army.
  • BELL-RINGING GUIDELINES.  A bell-ringing guideline information sheet for your firm’s volunteers is available on our website (  The information sheet provides detailed information for your individual bell-ringing volunteers.
  • SELLING POINTS.  There are many selling points for use during recruitment of volunteer bell-ringers.  A few of these are:

The Salvation Army truly helps those in need in our community.  100% of the funds raised during the red kettle campaign stay in the local community where they are donated to support local social service programs. 

Being a part of the good work of The Salvation Army lends itself to the true spirit of the season.


Participation elevates the public image and perception of our real estate industry as a cooperative and caring group.


Participation in Real Estate Wednesdays will help us connect and reconnect with our clients and the community we serve. 

  • LOCATION PREFERENCE.  Your firm’s captain will determine a convenient location or locations by cross-streets and zip codes and the number of kettles (doors) your group can ring on the 4 Wednesdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you have a preference of a store or stores, please include this information in your application.   If the location request is included in your application, The Salvation Army will do it’s best to accommodate the request.
  • THE PROCESS.  Upon receipt of the sign-up information, the Salvation Army Coordinator will email or call your captain to review the event, answer any questions and determine location opportunities.  The desired method of communication is by email.
  • LOCATION DETERMINATION.  The Salvation Army Coordinator will contact the Army corps responsible for your firm’s desired location(s) to schedule.  Confirmation will be immediately emailed to your captain or if the location is not available, the Salvation Army Coordinator will immediately communicate this information.  Scheduling is on a first come, first served basis.  However, priority will be given to the company that rang at the location the prior year.
  • COMMUNICATION PRIOR TO RINGING.  The Salvation Army Coordinator will email each coordinator during the week prior to the scheduled ringing to confirm the schedule and address any concerns of the coordinator or the volunteers.
  • SIGNAGE.  The Salvation Army will provide a sign attached to the kettle stand identifying your firm (with logo).
  • CLOTHING.  Volunteers should wear clothing representative of your profession.  Shirts, blouses and pins with company names and logos are encouraged.  The Salvation Army will also provide aprons and volunteer pins.
  • START OF THE DAY.  Your first volunteers of the day will find the kettles, stands, aprons, bells, etc. either at the assigned door, inside of the assigned door, or at the customer service counter of the store.  Many times the stand will be at the door and the bells, aprons, kettles etc. will be at the customer service counter.  The cell phone number of The Salvation Army corps contact will be on the stands or kettles.
  • NO SHOWS.  If, during the day of ringing, there are no-shows, if the kettles have not been received or picked-up, or if other problems arise, the bell-ringing volunteer should contact your captain.  If your captain cannot solve the problem, he or she should contact the Salvation Army Coordinator for assistance.
  • END OF THE DAY.  The Army will pick up the kettles by 7 PM on the four Wednesdays.  Please allow about 15 minutes leeway to allow for traffic difficulties.  In some instances, the kettles will be picked up prior to 7PM to accommodate a scheduled route.
  • RESULTS.  Results will be emailed to your captains within 48 to 72 hours after the event.  The data will include totals for the day of ringing and the event-to-date totals.  Captains have the responsibility to communicate the results to their individual bell-ringing volunteers.
  • CERTIFICATES.  A Certificate of Appreciation will be provided to your firm after the bell-ringing season.  Certificates will be available for individual bell-ringers upon request and if volunteer names are provided.  Distribution to volunteers will be through each captain.  In addition, a full page listing of all volunteers will be published in the Arizona Republic newspaper.

We sincerely thank you for your participation in Real Estate Wednesdays.  We are looking forward to a very memorable experience for you and your volunteers, and, hopefully, the beginning of a new holiday tradition for everyone.  Needless to say, The Salvation Army truly appreciates your support.

Donations raised through the red kettles support Salvation Army programs throughout the year transforming lives and giving hope. These programs address homelessness, emergency assistance (rent, utilities, food), domestic violence shelters, disaster relief,
Disaster Relief - Emergency Assistance - Rehabilitation
substance abuse recovery, low-income senior housing, human trafficking abolition, military assistance, holiday dinners, educational programs/tutoring for youth and adults, sports programs and more. Donations stay within the community received.
Homelessness - Domestic Violence - Youth Education