Real Estate for Rehabilitation
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If I heard this question once, I must have heard it a thousand times. We were at the National Association of REALTORS Convention last November in Orlando. I was working the aisles in front of the Real Estate for Rehabilitation booth and like Groundhog Day, the scene repeated over and over. Here comes three ladies.  I wave a blue Tiffany box and say “Drop your business card in the bowl for the Tiffany drawing.” Yes, it’s corny, but you would be amazed at how effective the possibility of winning a Tiffany crystal bowl or Tiffany sunglasses can be.

So, the ladies stop and as they reach for their cards, I explain that JoAnn and I are REALTORS from Scottsdale, AZ and we are here to help the Army fill their trucks. Their eyes would say “What trucks?” and I explain, handing them a plastic baggie with 10 client cards inside.

“These are client cards,” I say, “Just give one of these to your clients when they go into escrow and whatever they don’t want to move, the Army will pick up.”

And the light bulb goes on.

“What a great idea,” one says and the conversation goes from there.

I tell them how the Salvation Army sells the donated goods to pay for their addiction recovery program-It’s six months, they live in and it’s totally free-Wow comes the response. We talk briefly and here comes a couple asking “What in the world is the Salvation Army doing here?”

It was a wonderful show. We gave away 15 Tiffany & Co. items and collected 5,000 cards, 5,000 light bulbs lit, 5,000 more agents to help us fill those trucks.


The NAR Convention is in Chicago this fall. We hope to see you there. Be sure to come by our booth, wrinkle you nose and ask the question. We would love to tell you more and who knows, you might win a little blue box.


– Joseph Callaway

Donations raised through the red kettles support Salvation Army programs throughout the year transforming lives and giving hope. These programs address homelessness, emergency assistance (rent, utilities, food), domestic violence shelters, disaster relief,
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substance abuse recovery, low-income senior housing, human trafficking abolition, military assistance, holiday dinners, educational programs/tutoring for youth and adults, sports programs and more. Donations stay within the community received.
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