Real Estate for Rehabilitation
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People ask how we became Salvation Army Supporters for Life. This is our Decatur story.

We come from a small town in central Illinois and if you know small towns, you know every body’s business. It was the 60’s, a time for rebellion, and Alice was in JoAnn’s graduating class. Alice was a pretty girl and caught the eye of a college dropout from a monied family, happy to indulge their boy. He asked Alice to marry and her family was completely against it. They wed anyway and moved west, Colorado or Nevada, something like that.

Through occasional letters, JoAnn learned of Alice’s abusive relationship. Each time he hit her, she blamed herself and the babies came one, two, three. Finally, in desperation, Alice fled with nothing more than her children and a few dollars in her purse. She drove through the night and next day, resting an hour or two when she had to.

Alice ended up in Joplin, Missouri. Exhausted, hungry, the children asleep in the back seat, Alice put her last two dollars in the tank. It was the middle of the night and the gas station attendant asked her destination. When she told him Decatur, he shook his head and suggested she call her folks. She said she could not. She just couldn’t.
The young man suggested the Salvation Army and gave her directions.

When Alice knocked in wee hours of the morning, an officer answered. She was the wife of Corps Captain and after coffee for Alice and cookies for the kids, she handed Alice a hundred dollars.

Back home in Decatur, Alice reconciled with her parents, divorced the jerk and told her story to a few select friends.

Over the years we have given that $100 back to Army many times over. And small towns being what they are, we believe many others have done the same. We are not alone in this world.

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